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Kitchen Utensils

Dixie Heavy Duty Plastic Spoons

Heavy duty plastic spoons. 1,000 per case


Medium Weight Plastic Spoons

Medium weight plastic spoons are suitable for any gathering, large or small.


Heavy Weight Plastic Spoons

Heavy weight plastic spoons. Constructed from strong grade plastic material and they are suitable for heavy, tough-to-cut food items.


Heavy Weight Plastic Forks

Heavy duty plastic forks. They are constructed from strong, shatter resistant and durable plastic quality.


Dixie Heavy Duty Plastic Forks

Heavy duty plastic forks. 1,000 per case


Medium Weight Plastic Forks

Medium weight plastic forks are suitable for everyday use. They are economical and ideal for lunch rooms or large gatherings. 1,000 per case


Dixie Heavy Duty Plastic Knives

Heavy duty plastic knives. 1,000 per case