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Currogated Cushioning Rolls

Corrugated Wrap Rolls  will help protect your valuable shipments and more fragile products. Our singleface corrugated rolls are easy to use and offer flexibity to be used on any odd shaped items or frames. You can select from A Flute or B Flute.

A Flute  -  1/4" Height and has strong stacking strength. Ideal for packaging fragile items.


B Flute - 1/8" Height with great crush resistance and puncture resistance. Ideal to be used for inner packaging.


Like the majority of our items we offer custom sizes and lengths for our corrugated rolls. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we would be more than happy to assist you! 

Price per RollAdd to
98SF2223" x 250'B Flute$7.00 per roll
98SF2234" x 250'B Flute$9.00 per roll
98SF2336" x 250'B Flute14.0014.0013.00
98SF22410" x 250'B Flute23.0023.0022.00
98SF22512" x 250'B Flute$28.00 per roll
98SF22618" x 250'B Flute42.0041.0040.00
98SF22724" x 250'B Flute47.0046.0045.00
98SF22930" x 250'B Flute70.0068.0066.00
98SF23836" x 250'B Flute67.0065.0064.00
98SF23148" x 250' 50/50B Flute83.0081.0079.00
98SF23260" x 250'B Flute103.00101.0098.00
98SF23572" x 250'B Flute167.00163.00159.00