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Premium Acrylic Tape

This premium acrylic tape offers high quality aging characteristics, long shelf life and low odor. With the wide variety of tape that MLR offers you are sure to find  an item that best fits your needs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have, we would be more than happy to help! 

SizeThicknessColorRolls Per
Price per CaseAdd to
82PA2222" x 55 yd1.8 MilClear36$65.00$57.00$50.00
82PA2231.8 MilTan3665.0057.0050.00
82PA2242.0 MilClear3674.0066.0057.00
82PA2253.0 MilClear36119.00105.0091.00
82PA2263.6 MilClear36150.00133.00115.00
82PA2272" x 110 yd1.6 MilClear36118.00104.0090.00
82PA2281.6 MilTan36118.00104.0090.00
82PA2291.8 MilClear36121.00107.0093.00
82PA2301.8 MilTan36121.00107.0093.00
82PA2312.0 MilClear36133.00118.00102.00
82PA2322.0 MilTan36133.00118.00102.00
82PA2332.6 MilClear36190.00168.00146.00
82PA2342" x 1000 yd1.8 MilClear6181.00160.00139.00
82PA2352.0 MilClear6180.00159.00138.00
82PA2362" x 1500 yd1.8 MilClear6273.00242.00210.00
82PA2372.0 MilClear6294.00260.00226.00
82PA2382" x 2000 yd1.8 MilClear6348.00308.00267.00
82PA2393" x 55 yd3.0 MilClear24120.00106.0092.00
82PA2403.6 MilClear24151.00133.00116.00
82PA2413" x 110 yd1.6 MilClear24117.00103.0089.00
82PA2421.8 MilClear24110.0098.0085.00
82PA2431.8 MilTan24120.00106.0092.00
82PA2442.0 MilClear24131.00116.00101.00
82PA2452.0 MilTan24131.00116.00101.00
82PA2462.6 MilClear24191.00169.00147.00
82PA2473" x 1000 yd1.8 MilClear4181.00160.00139.00
82PA2482.0 MilClear4180.00159.00138.00