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Phosphate Finished Buckles

MLR offers an extensive selection of both steel strapping and plastic strapping closures. The type of seal that you need is dependent on the size and weight of your packages or pallets. We offer both the seals and tools you need to create safe and reliable shipments.


Easy to use and self-lock providing a strong and secure seal.


Please contact us with any questions you may have,  we are here to help! 

Phosphate Finish
SizeTypeLengthSeals Per
WeightPrice Per CaseAdd to
SB12SD1/2"Metal Bucklesn/a100013 lbs$61.00
SB12HDPPhosphate Bucklesn/a100018 lbs71.00
SB58XDP5/8"Phosphate Bucklesn/a100019 lbs81.00
SB58SDMetal Bucklesn/a100014 lbs86.00
SB58X15PPhosphate Bucklesn/a100028 lbs114.00
SB34SDP3/4"Phosphate Bucklesn/a100024 lbs96.00
SB34HDPPhosphate Bucklesn/a100035 lbs126.00
SB34XDPPhosphate Bucklesn/a100042 lbs138.00
SB34X17PPhosphate Bucklesn/a100048 lbs153.00
BF1940CPhosphate Bucklesn/a100048 lbs142.00
BF1940CPhosphate Bucklesn/a100048 lbs142.00
SB1HDP1"Phosphate Bucklesn/a50037 lbs132.00
SB114XDP1-1/4" - 1-1/2"Phosphate Bucklesn/a25046 lbs140.00