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Packing Peanuts

DescriptionSizeColorPrice per BagAdd to
64PP228Biodegradable Starch Pelaspan - 14 CU14 cu FtStarch Bio$34.00
64PP224Pink Anti-Static14 cu FtPink56.00
64PP225Biodegradable Pelaspan Tube14 cu FtBiodegradable52.00
64PP226White Pelaspan Peanuts14 cu FtWhite62.00
64PP227Pad LocĀ® Cushioning Pad - Green18" x 12" x 2"Green185.00
64PP229Loose Fill Dispenser - 15 CU Feet with 6" Lexan Valve15 CU FeetBlue150.00
64PP230Loose Fill Dispenser - 30 CU Feet with 6" Lexan Valve30 CU FeetBlue144.00
64PP231Loose Fill Dispenser - 45 CU Feet with 6" Lexan Valve45 CU FeetBlue170.00
64PP232Loose Fill Dispenser - 60 CU Feet with 6" Lexan Valve60 CU FeetBlue199.00
64PP233Loose Fill Dispenser - 90 CU Feet with 6" Lexan Valve90 CU FeetBlue235.00
64PP234Loose Fill Dispenser - 140 CU Feet with 6" Lexan Valve140 CU FeetBlue255.00
64PP235Spring for Lexan Valven/an/a5.00
64PP236Spring for Aluminum Valven/an/a7.00
64PP2376 Inch Worm Drive Hose Clamp6 Inchesn/a5.00
64PP2386 Inch Clear Flex Hose (Per Foot)6 Inchesn/a13.00
64PP2396 Inch Lexan Valve6 Inchesn/a57.00
64PP2406 Inch Aluminum Valve6 Inchesn/a80.00
64PP241Hardware Kit for 15-90 CU Feet Dispensersn/an/a21.00
64PP242Rod set for 30-90 CU Feet Dispensersn/an/a13.00
64PP243Lanyard Set for 15-90 CU Feetn/an/a15.00