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Hot Melt Tape

Economy Grade (1.6 mil) - Designed for short term use and lightweight boxes. Agressive instant adhesion.

Performance Grade (1.9 mil ) - Hand and machine sealing tape. Closure of medium weight boxes, and agressive instant adhesion. Contact us for custom widths and lengths!

High Performance Grade (2.5 mil) - Hand sealer tape for high density and high value cartons. We offer custom lengths and widths for machine rolls. 

SizeThicknessColorRolls Per
Price per CaseAdd to
82HM2222" x 55 yd1.6 MilClear36$73.00$64.00$55.00
82HM2231.9 MilClear3681.0071.0060.00
82HM2241.9 MilTan3681.0071.0060.00
82HM2252" x 110 yd1.65 MilClear36132.00116.0099.00
82HM2261.65 MilTan36132.00116.0099.00
82HM2271.9 MilClear36145.00127.00109.00
82HM2391.8 MilClear36132.00116.0099.00
82HM2281.9 MilTan36145.00127.00109.00
82HM2292.5 MilClear36197.00173.00148.00
82HM2302" x 1000 yd1.6 MilClear6202.00176.00151.00
82HM2311.9 MilClear6234.00205.00176.00
82HM2322" x 1500 yd1.9 MilClear6334.00292.00250.00
82HM2343" x 110 yd1.6 MilClear24132.00115.0099.00
82HM2351.9 MilClear24151.00132.00113.00
82HM2361.9 MilTan24151.00132.00113.00
82HM2372.5 MilClear24198.00173.00148.00
82HM2383" x 1000 yd1.9 MilClear4222.00195.00167.00