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Currogated Cushioning Pads

MLR offers a large selection of corrugated pads that will help  protect any size shipment.  Our small corrugated pads can easily be layered between thinner items and products to protect even your smallest possesions.  Our larger corrugated pads can be used to provide layers of protection or separation between items on pallets.

Regardless of what you are shipping we have all the packaging supplies needed to create a secure presenatation.


Give us a call should you have any questions! 

Sheet Size
L x W
Per Bundle
Price per BundleAdd to
96CP2227" x 5"100$46.00$40.00$35.00
96CP2238" x 8"10058.0051.0044.00
96CP2248" x 10"10062.0055.0047.00
96CP2258-1/2" x 11"10066.0058.0050.00
96CP22610" x 10"10062.0055.0047.00
96CP22712" x 9"10071.0062.0054.00
96CP22812" x 12"10075.0066.0057.00
96CP22912-1/2" x 12-1/2"100108.0095.0082.00
96CP23014" x 11"5046.0040.0035.00
96CP23114" x 14"5048.0042.0036.00
96CP23216" x 16"5062.0055.0047.00
96CP23318" x 18"5083.0073.0063.00
96CP23420" x 16"5085.0075.0065.00
96CP23520" x 20"50112.0099.0085.00
96CP23620" x 72"20116.00102.0088.00
96CP23724" x 18"50100.0088.0076.00
96CP23824" x 36"3086.0076.0065.00
96CP23924" x 48"2580.0070.0061.00
96CP24024" x 72"20122.00107.0093.00
96CP24136" x 36"2085.0074.0064.00
96CP24236" x 48"2087.0077.0066.00
96CP24336" x 72"3002,191.001,927.001,663.00
96CP24436" x 72"20139.00123.00106.00
96CP24536" x 120"3002,565.002,256.001,947.00
96CP24640" x 48"3001,195.001,051.00907.00
96CP24740" x 48"1576.0067.0058.00
96CP24840" x 48"300903.00794.00685.00
96CP24942 x 32"300610.00537.00463.00
96CP25042 x 42"300822.00723.00624.00
96CP25142 x 42"3001,121.00986.00851.00
96CP25248" x 48"1073.0064.0055.00
96CP25348" x 72"10105.0092.0080.00
96CP25448" x 96"1604,070.003,580.003,090.00
96CP25548" x 96"3002,068.001,819.001,570.00
96CP25648" x 96"3001,535.001,432.001,330.00
96CP25948" x 96" 350 DW10265.00233.00201.00
96CP25748 x 120"3003,274.002,880.002,485.00
96CP25848 x 144"3003,371.002,965.002,559.00