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6 mil Flat Poly Bags

We offer a large selection of plastic bags in a If you are unable to find the size you need please give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you.

We offer custom sizes and are confident you an find the items that will best fit your needs.

6 mil Flat Poly Bags
W x L
Per Case
Price per CaseAdd to
66FG4712 X 3"6 mil5000$79.00$77.00$71.00
66FG4723 X 4"6 mil200060.0059.0054.00
66FG4733 X 5"6 mil200055.0053.0049.00
66FG4743 X 6"6 mil100033.0032.0030.00
66FG4754 X 4"6 mil100038.0037.0034.00
66FG4764 X 5"6 mil100048.0046.0043.00
66FG4774 X 6"6 mil100043.0042.0039.00
66FG4785 X 8"6 mil100069.0068.0062.00
66FG4796 X 8"6 mil100081.0079.0073.00
66FG4806 X 10"6 mil100099.0097.0089.00
66FG4817 X 9"6 mil1000133.00130.00120.00
66FG4828 X 10"6 mil1000178.00173.00160.00
66FG4838 X 12"6 mil1000214.00208.00192.00
66FG4849 X 12"6 mil1000240.00234.00216.00
66FG48510 X 12"6 mil1000259.00252.00233.00
66FG48612 X 18"6 mil500235.00229.00212.00
66FG48718 X 24"6 mil250192.00187.00173.00
66FG48820 X 30"6 mil200212.00207.00191.00
66FG48924 X 36"6 mil100148.00144.00133.00
66FG49030 X 40"6 mil100231.00225.00208.00
66FG49138 X 64"6 mil50234.00228.00210.00