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1 mil Flat Poly Bags

We offer a large selection of plastic bags in a If you are unable to find the size you need please give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you.

We offer custom sizes and are confident you an find the items that will best fit your needs.

1 mil Flat Poly Bags
W x L
Per Case
Price per CaseAdd to
66FA0013 x 5"1 mil5000$10.00$7.00$5.00
66FA0023 x 15"1 mil5000111.0083.0056.00
66FA0034 x 8"1 mil400075.0057.0038.00
66FA0044 x 24"1 mil8000501.00376.00251.00
66FA0055 x 10"1 mil4000112.0084.0056.00
66FA0065 x 24"1 mil4000206.00154.00103.00
66FA0076 x 10"1 mil250074.0056.0037.00
66FA0086 x 15"1 mil100046.0035.0023.00
66FA0099 x 12"1 mil100050.0037.0025.00
66FA01010 x 15"1 mil100072.0054.0036.00
66FA01110 x 16"1 mil100075.0056.0037.00
66FA01212 x 18"1 mil1000100.0075.0050.00
66FA01313 x 17"1 mil1000103.0078.0052.00
66FA01414 x 16"1 mil100094.0070.0047.00
66FA01515 x 18"1 mil1000126.0095.0063.00
66FA01616 x 18"1 mil100118.0089.0059.00
66FA01717 x 21"1 mil1000167.00125.0084.00
66FA01818 x 24"1 mil1000177.00133.0088.00
66FA01918 x 30"1 mil1000221.00166.00111.00
66FA02021 x 24"1 mil1000223.00167.00111.00
66FA02126 x 26"1 mil1000316.00237.00158.00
66FA02232 x 32"1 mil1000532.00399.00266.00
66FA02333 x 39"1 mil1000601.00451.00301.00