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Picture for category 1 LB Tube Braided Nylon Seine Twine

1 LB Braided Nylon Seine Twine

Nylon seine twine is available in two different styles: braided or twisted. Seine twine has outstanding strength and durability. It does not untwist or kink. Seine twine is used for mason line, chalk line, trot line, net repair, trap heads, fishing line and hand crafts. It is avaialble in natural, neon yellow, neon orange or neon pink.


Other colors and put ups avaialble upon request. 

1LB Tube Braided
SizeStyleColorLengthPut-UpUnits Per
Price per TubeAdd to
58BA222#18BraidedWhite1,000'1 lb Tubes12$29.00
58BA223BraidedNeon Yellow1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA224BraidedNeon Lime1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA225BraidedNeon Orange1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA226BraidedNeon Pink1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA227#15BraidedWhite1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA228BraidedNeon Yellow1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA229BraidedNeon Lime1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA232BraidedNeon Orange1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00
58BA233BraidedNeon Pink1,000'1 lb Tubes1229.00