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1.25 mil Flat Poly Bags

We offer a large selection of plastic bags in a If you are unable to find the size you need please give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you.

We offer custom sizes and are confident you an find the items that will best fit your needs.

1.25 mil Flat Poly Bags
W x L
Per Case
Price per CaseAdd to
66FB0252 x 3"1.25 mil10000$45.00$34.00$23.00
66FB0262 x 4"1.25 mil1000064.0048.0032.00
66FB0273 x 3"1.25 mil1000068.0051.0034.00
66FB0283 x 4"1.25 mil1000087.0065.0044.00
66FB0294 x 6"1.25 mil500079.0059.0039.00
66FB0304 x 8"1.25 mil5000101.0076.0050.00
66FB0315 x 7"1.25 mil5000109.0082.0054.00
66FB0325 x 10"1.25 mil200061.0046.0031.00
66FB0336 x 8"1.25 mil200059.0044.0030.00
66FB0346 x 12"1.25 mil200087.0065.0043.00
66FB0357 x 9"1.25 mil200079.0060.0040.00
66FB0367 x 10"1.25 mil200083.0063.0042.00
66FB0378 x 10"1.25 mil200095.0071.0047.00
66FB0388 x 12"1.25 mil2000114.0085.0057.00
66FB0399 x 12"1.25 mil100064.0048.0032.00